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More about the surrounding area

Driving from Casa Lobera via Almachar, Benamargosa or Algarobo to the coast you will notice the many avocado orchards. All European avocados are of Andalusian origin and no less than 80 percent of this comes from this region. In the Axarquían kitchen the fruit is mainly processed in salads. There is also a drink made of avocados, the baticate. The last decades the focus is on growing even more exotic fruits such as mangos, kiwis and chirimoyas.

Wine region

In the surroundings there are several small, white villages (pueblos blancos) between the hills with many vines. After a heavy decline in the last ten years the grape growing is going again. Nevertheless the age-old and small-scale tradition of mules and local cooperatives still exists. You will experience a different time here. Make sure to try the white medium-dry or sweet red wine, which are both made of the moscatel grape. Cheers and enjoy its taste!

Local festivals 

Fiestas are an important part of life in southern Spain. Each village has its own holiday, which often is celebrated late into the night. For example: in El Borge on the third Sunday of September people celebrate Dia de la Pasa (day of the raisin), presenting and tasting the new harvest. It is a big event that is visited by thousands of people. There are performances by music groups and many stalls where you can try delicious local products. Also in other periods there is always something to celebrate. Please have a look at the agenda

Book your bungalow on time when you want to celebrate a local holiday with the villagers!

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