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Trips and activities

If you like to explore the region, Casa Lobera also an ideal starting point. You can make a beautiful trip in search of authentic villages with typical Spanish atmosphere. What do you think of a delicious glass of wine on a picturesque terrace in the cities of Andalusia? There is so much to see that you will not get bored.

Hilly landscape

Make a trip in the area and you will watch your eyes out. The hilly landscape resembles that of Tuscany, but Axarquía is somewhat rougher and drier. Nature is truly impressive here. There are great differences in altitude with beautiful views. Once you see how the vineyards are situated, you will get admiration for the wine growers. Often they have to pass along narrow, steep paths with their mules to reach the fields. Read more about the surrounding area and culture.

Active and Sports 

Near Casa Lobera there is much to see and do. Join us on a 4x4 safari, enjoy great comfort and experience Andalusia in a different way! For those who like sports there is mountain biking and playing golf. You can go hiking with an expert guide in the nature park, or even visit caves. And for those who prefer height: mount the Maroma (2063 m) or Cerro Lucero (1779 m) with a guide. But it can be 'crazier', e.g. canyoning and abseiling.

Tasty food 

The kitchen of the Axarquía is very tasty. Plenty of fish and meat as well: grilled (a la parilla), on the plate (a la plancha), or stewed (estofado). Tasty side dishes are salads, fried aubergines or fried point peppers. When your holiday is in winter, you might be lucky to find wild boar from the region (jabalin) on the menu. During warm days restaurants serve ajoblanco, a cold soup made with almonds, garlic and white grapes.

This is just a selection of the many possibilities of the region. There is so much to see that we will be happy to give you specific advice that suits your interest. Please email us. We will be glad to be of service to you!