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Once the world's most dangerous hiking trail

For those who wanted to defy death should have walked the Camino del Rey. This King's path was considered the world's most dangerous hiking trail and was closed in 1992. Yet adrenaline junkies kept on trying. In 1999 and 2000 five more people died. Watch the videos and you will understand the reputation of this deadly hiking trail.

Even fatal for experienced climbers 

On some parts of the trail there was nothing left. Only a single bracket in the wall or a steel tube formed a bridge over the abyss. Many railings were broken off and stairs were crumbled. Only experienced climbers still had a chance to survive this adventure, but even those have crashed deep down. You will understand that this path was not accessible for tourists for a long time.

Accessible again for those who dare 

The restoration of the path took many years but since 28 March 2015 the path is open again, also for tourists without climbing experience. The eroded stone paths along the gorge walls have been replaced by wooden walkways with fencing along the edges. On one place along the path you will find a balcony with a glass floor so you can look down.

Don't you dare? Try a cave walk

Dangerous before reconstruction

This video gives you in 6 Minutes a impressiv view, made by experienced climbers. This trail was one of the most dangerous of the world. This was before the reconstruction in 2015. Now it is even for you accessible. See the video at the previous page