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Covered market in Malaga

One of the nicest market places in Malaga is the covered 'mercado'. Here you can totally immerse yourself in the Mediterranean atmosphere of Andalusia. This Mercado Atarazanas is located in the city center and nice to visit.

Former shipyard

In Arabic Atarazanas means 'place where ships are repaired'. Until the 19th century, the hall was used as a shipyard. These days it is the every day local market for the stallholders to sell their fresh products. The market is divided into three halls, one with vegetables, fruits and nuts, one with fish and one with meat.

Enough variety for a complete meal

There is enough variety to cook a complete meal. The Malagueños buy their fresh vegetables, fruit and olives. But also fresh fish, meat, cheese, sausage and nuts. Truly a place for foodies. It is no exception that you encounter the chefs from local restaurants here. It is a busy intention with much noise, just as a market should be.

Experience the real taste!

The flavour of e.g. the fruit is mouth-watering, especially for tourists. Therefore, you must go here to rediscover your taste. The banana tastes really sweet and delicious. Much more intense than we are accustomed to. And people who love the taste of dates and figs will enjoy this market.

Rich variety of meat and fish

The meat and fish department has a rich variety of products. Without needing something, it is still great to see. If you do not want to clean the fish yourself, let the fish seller clean it for you.

At the meat department you must be prepared. It can be a shock. You will see some parts of animals that you do not see in the display case of your own butcher. A head of a goat, intestines or some pigs feet are quite normal on the mercado.

Opening hours

The market in Malaga can be visited from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 am to about 14:00. We are happy to give you some more information about these and other markets. Contact us


Source: beleefmalaga.nl

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